Welcome to the website of the Swedish Society of Spinal Surgeons.Here you will find
information about the society and the spinal surgery procedures carried out in Sweden.



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To explore structure and dynamic functionality of the Swedish Spine Register, SweSpine, click  ”Swedish Spine Register” in the left margin, and log in with username User, and password User.

The software of SweSpine is available for any surgeon, department, clinic or surgeon´s association through the Swedish Society of Spinal Surgeons. Contact by email below:




The purpose of this website is to provide care recipients with information about spine-related disorders. 

Here you will find results based on the material gathered for SWESPINE, the Swedish Spine Register. 



Information about 4S membership can be found here. The information applies to both spinal surgeons and commercial enterprises.


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Last updated: 2020-02-05