program torsdag 9 nov


13.00 - 13.30      Swespine. How did it all start, some important findings and where are                               we today -  and what about the future?
                             Swespine. Peter Fritzell, Olle Hägg

THEME 1 - Prediction of outcome using register data.  

1330-1345          Swespine. “Registry data in a clinical situation – meeting                                                         the patient. The Dialogue support - predictive value".
                             Peter Fritzell, Catharina Parai

1345-1400           NORspine. “AI to be used in predicting results after spine surgery”.                                      Margreth Grotle

1400-1415           Spine Tango. "Experience from Spine Tango".
                              Emin Aghayev

1415-1430           DaneSpine. "Prediction of outcome using register data. Some                                                observations from DaneSpine." 
                              Casper Friis Pedersen

                              Moderators; Catharina Parai, Allan Abbott 

THEME 2 – Devices to be registered and how (MDR). 

1430-1445          Spine Tango. “What are the requirements and expectations (from                                       regulators, medtech and notified bodies) and how they can be met”.                                 Emin Aghayev

1445-1500           BSR. Overview and implantat registration - ODEP                                                                        Kaushik Ghosh

1500-1515           FinSpine. “Practical examples from Finland”.
                              Liisa Pekkanen

1515-1530           Swespine. “Clinical evaluation of devices”.
                              Olle Hägg

                              Moderators; Paul Gerdhem, Björn Knutsson

15.30 - 16.00      Coffee break

THEME 3 – Variables included in a spine register. What variables should be included - and why?

1600-1605          Swespine. “Experiences from international cooperation - ICHOM”.                                       Peter Fritzell

1605-1615           NORspine. “Integrating register data with EPJ for better data quality                                  and decision making”.
                              Greger Lönne

1615-1630           BSR. “How to improve the quality of data?”
                              Kaushik Ghosh

1630-1645           FinSpine. “Experiences from building a registry today.”
                              Jarkko Halme/Liisa Pekkanen

1645-1700           DaneSpine. “Experiences from Denmark.”
                              Mikkel Andersen

                              Moderators; Olle Hägg, Catharina Parai

THEME 4. The future - how could we cooperate? National, international, and cultural perspectives.

1700-1715          BSR/Spine Tango. “The Stanmore initiative”.
                             Kaushik Ghosh/Emin Aghayev

1715-1725          Swespine. Economy - a national spine register.
                             Håkan Löfgren

1715-1800          NORspine, Swespine, FinSpine, DaneSpine, BSR (UK); 5 minutes each -                                 Discussion

                             Moderators; Björn Knutsson, Peter Fritzell

18.00 - 18.15      Swespine and the Swedish Society of Spinal Surgeons
                             Peter Försth

18.15-19.15        Get together among collegues and sponsors with drinks and snacks.

19.30                   Dinner at Ulla Winbladh

Vi förbehåller oss rätten till ev ändringar i programmet