SWESPINE 25 years

In 2023, the national Swedish spine register, Swespine, has been in use for 25 years. The Swedish spine society (4s) therefore decided to focus on this anniversary in the society’s annual meeting on November 9-10, 2023 in Stockholm.

The aims were to present experiences from different national spine registries, and to reflect over register data usability in our daily work as well as in research. What are success factors and problems, and how can we increase cooperation between international registries and exchange experiences.

We are sorry, but due to technical errors, the sound can disappear in some presentations, but we hope the messages will be clear through the slides anyway! 

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Presenters and timeline in the video

Peter Fritzell/
Olle Hägg        

1. How did it all start, some important findings and where are we today -  and what about the future? SWESPINE
Catharina Parai
2. Registry data in a clinical situation – meeting the patient. The Dialogue support - predictive value. SWESPINE
Margreth Grotle
3. AI to be used in predicting results after spine surgery. NORspine
Emin Aghayev
4. Experience from Spine Tango. SPINE TANGO
Casper Friis Pedersen
Cancelled due to flight problem Prediction of outcome using register data. Some observations from DaneSpine. DaneSpine
Emin Aghayev
6. What are the requirements and expectations (from regulators, medtech and notified bodies) and how they can be met. SPINE TANGO
Kaushik Ghosh
7. Overview and implantat registration - ODEP British Spine Register
Liisa Pekkanen
8. Practical examples from Finland. FinSpine
Olle Hägg
9. Clinical evaluation of devices. SWESPINE
Peter Fritzell
10. Experiences from international cooperation - ICHOM. SWESPINE
Greger Lönne
11. Integrating register data with EPJ for better data quality and decision making. NORspine
Kaushik Ghosh
12. How to improve the quality of data? British Spine Register
Jarkko Halme
13. Experiences from building a registry today. FinSpine
Mikkel Andersen
14. Experiences from Denmark. DaneSpine
Kaushik Ghosh/
Emin Aghayev

15.1. The Stanmore initiative 1. British Spine Register
15.2. The Stanmore initiative 2. SPINE TANGO
Håkan Löfgren
16. Economy - a national spine register. SWESPINE

17. Discussion
Peter Försth
18. Swespine and the Swedish Society of Spinal Surgeons. 4S



1.Peter Fritzell/Olle Hägg -SWESPINE
Abstract PF >>

2. Catharina Parai -SWESPINE
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3. Margrete Grothle -NORspine
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4. Emin Aghayev -SPINE TANGO
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6.Emin Aghayev -SPINE TANGO
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7. Kaushik Gosh -BSR
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8. Liisa Pekkanen -FINSpine
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9. Olle Hägg -SWESPINE
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10. Peter Fritzell -SWESPINE
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 11. Greger Lönne -NORspine
  Abstract >>

12. Kaushik Gosh -BSR
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13. Jarkko Halme -FINspine
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14. Mikkel Andersen -DaneSpine
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15.1 Kaushik Gosh -BSR
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15.2 Emin Aghayev -SPINE TANGO
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16. Håkan Löfgren -SWESPINE
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17. Discussion - ALL

18. Peter Försth -4S
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